Monday, July 9, 2012


Annnd when I'm feeling down this is what I turn to...

Who doesn't love a woman who can capture your attention not only with her looks, but with her charm and wit. Nothing makes life sweeter than laughter. Laughter soothes the soul. Every now and then we just need to take a step back, smell the roses...and laugh a little!
Is anyone else loving Emma Stone as much as I am?? Such a beautiful lady, and not only is she gorgeous but she's HI-larious as well. She's captivating. She is a true role model, she's a power-house. She took comedy by storm and now she's ready to take on drama. I can't wait to watch her tackle it all one by one. Plus those bold lips and that daring style. I just can't help but love her!

Are y'all with me??

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