Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Hair of a Celebrity!

This post is a bit ridic, but I love it. Do you ever wonder what you'd look like with your favorite celebs hair style?? I do all the time. I'm always wishing that I had golden locks like Jessica Simpson. Truthfully, what I wanted to know, is if I'd look good with blunt bangs, without taking the plunge. I think I went through 7 virtual hair websites before stumbling upon the perfect one, InStyle Hollywood Makeover. I think it's the most realistic of all the sites at looked at. They have all the great hair celebs too. Now let's be honest, I spent way too much time doing this and enjoyed doing way more than I should have, so there's a lot of pictures. Ha.
Jessica Simpson

Emma Stone 

Eva Mendes

Lea Michelle

Carrie Underwood

Kate Moss

Jessica Alba

Jessica Biel

Jennifer Aniston

You should try it! It's fun. :) Which celeb hair style looks best on me?? I'm thinking either Jennifer Aniston or Carrie Underwood. I wonder if I could actually pull off Emma's red hair?
Melissa Loren

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