Monday, July 30, 2012

{Weekend Fun}

There is just never enough time in the weekend. Maybe I just need more time period. After I got off work Friday night Kory and I wandered through Target(one of my favorite things to do). We left with bleach, new shorts, a magazine, a new wine and this giant bone for Tego. She's never gotten to enjoy a big bone before. She loved it. Each day that passes, we find it "buried" in a new place. :)
Kory and I got to enjoy a lunch together. We chose this place in Lotawana. It's a meat market/grocery store but they also have a small restaurant inside. I say small, but the menu is huge. I chose the Philly and Kor went for the BBQ brisket sandwich. I had waffle fries and he had sweet potato fries. We were both impressed. Everything was delish.
Later that night I had a girls night with Carly and Kelly. So much fun. :)
 Annnd Sunday morning on my way to work, I ran out of gas on 291 highway. Awesome. First and LAST time ever. My truck locked up, power steering went out, brakes decided they want to join the party too. It was intense. I was trying as hard as I could to make the Truman road exit so I wouldn't be stuck on the highway. I was going so slow though, so everyone was honking and waving at me. Haha. Sorry people! It was scary but I didn't panic. I was actually very proud of how I handled it. I didn't even cry-if you know me, that's impressive! I called my dad and he of course already had a gas can on him so he just had to swing by and get gas and then come rescue me. He lectured me about how it's really hard on the system if you consistently let your vehicle run on E. I knew this of course, but I hate pumping gas. Really I just hate stopping but whatever. Thanks for rescuing me Dad! Also, friends, the lesson is to always keep your tank at 1/2! Never below! 
-Melissa Loren

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