Thursday, August 9, 2012

{10 Key Pieces}

In my opinion, every woman should have staple pieces in her closet. These should be the pieces you turn to when you're in doubt. They should be pieces that play nice with others. With these you'll be able to save money and make many outifts out of a few strong pieces. I have something similar to everything on this board. That doesn't mean I splurged on these pieces either. Forever 21 is typically my go-to place, it's super affordable and if youtake care of your garments, you can make them last. Francesca's, Target and H&M are other affordable places that I frequent.

My staple list:

Nude heels. These are a must. They go with everything and they elongate your legs, in turn making you look taller and thinner.

Silk blouse. Silk blouses are great because they are the best for tucking in or leaving out. You can pair them with skinnies, leggings, a skirt or even shorts. Silk adds a hint of elegance to everything. I wear a silk blouse almost every time I go out. I love them with bandeaus underneath.

Skinny jeans. Everyone should have a pair of go-to skinny jeans. They are perfect for heels or flats and casual or dressy. Everyone needs a jeans night every now and then...

Statement necklace. You already know how I feel about these. Statement necklaces bring a pop to any outfit. Just received my second Swell Caroline necklace last night, in coral! I got it for FOUR bucks!

Little black dress. You never know when you'll need the perfect dress, so just always have one on hand. ;)

Cross-body bag. I find these so convenient, whether I'm shopping at the grocery store or out shakin' my bootay, they're my go-to. Hands free is the way to be!

Blazer. I prefer black. Most of my go-to's are black, but any nice blazer will do. Again, they can be cas or dressy. I have a hot red one that I wear all the time during the winter and a royal blue one that I need to get to!

Pencil skirt. It doesn't have to leopard but why not step out of the box and be a little bold?? I love this leopard pencil skirt from J. Crew! Pencil skirts are great for the office or even a sassy look!

Bold heels. A brightly colored heel is another key piece. Shoes are so fun and can always be the statement of your outfit. Don't feel like you have to be matchy-matchy either. You don't want to look completely bizarre but it's ok to mix it up a little!

Leather pants. They don't actually have to be leather, but some sort of coated pants are great to have for going out. They have just enough sheen to be a statement. You could rock an all black look or pair them with bold accessories. Studded boots or pumps would be a great match.

10 Staple Pieces
-Melissa Loren

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