Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Week of Fall: AUTUMN GOLD

I love gold all year round, but the fall season feels like the best time to display all of your best golds(not all at once though!). Fall brings jewel tones, riding boots, and big slouchy sweaters, all of which pair wonderfully with gold. As you can tell from the items I've picked out, you can make gold work for you in a sleek feminine way or you can take it right over the edge with you and give yourself a tough, edge-y look.

Don't you just love that hair bow? I need one. Those boots, sigh, I'm in love. They're perfect for those coated leggings I was telling you about here. Gold jewelry is my go-to. I always always wear gold jewelry...except for my wedding ring. Ok can you imagine those boots, leather/coated leggings, a white tee and that gold vest?! How perfect would that be? Go ahead and throw on that House of Harlow cuff too! That might be my first fall outfit! Ok, ok, don't like the boots? Swap them for those adorable Melissa ballet flats!

-Melissa Loren

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  1. M,
    That adorable bow (1) is supper cute! I actually make most of my hair accessories and you would be surprised how easy they are to make. I'm not sure is you have done a blob yet about DIY hair accessories but if not that might be a fun one to do? I can give you extra examples of what I have made if you decided to do a blog about it.
    Let me know?

    Amanda Alcanter


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