Friday, August 17, 2012

For Kansas Citians, fall starts with first snap of Chiefs training camp. Followed by the local colleges firing up the pigskin practices. This year to ensure we were ready God granted us with the fall like temps. All of those out there that love cooler temps, colorful trees, and tailgating you are coming into full swing.

For me, fall starts with the first "thwat" of an arrow sailing into a target. Granted, I shoot my bow year round, but there is something that gets my blood pumping when August and September roll around. I don't know if my body has some sort of natural barometric reading or it's just an innate sixth sense buried deep in my soul; when the temps drop my blood pressure goes up. It's hunting season!

Growing up in Central Kansas, hunting is a way of life. Not that we needed the food to survive, but it was a right of passage. It was that time when you became old enough to go with men to hunt. You weren't stuck at home with the moms and grandmas and cousins. You were a man, you were equal. You had proven yourself responsible enough to hunt next to the men that taught you how to become a man.  You went from admiring these men that provided for their families, to walking next to them. It sounds cliche`, but to anyone not familiar with small/farm/oilfield town living it would.

The "Unofficial" end of summer, is the "Official" beginning of hunting season.  Dove season always opens over the Labor Day weekend. As a kid growing up, that Sunday of Labor Day weekend was always the Schartz family reunion. Our family would descend on our small German Catholic Community for a weekend of celebration, reflection, and hunting. It was always a great weekend. Eat too much, stay out too late, and sizzle in the sun waiting for doves to come through. There is no better smell in Western Kansas then the smell of burnt gun powder.

You may be asking what does that have to do with a bow and arrow...the answer is not a dang thing. It just kick starts the juices. I am an avid hunter of all things wild, with any legal weapon. My PASSION, is a stick 'n' string. No matter what season we are hunting in, I always have my trusty "Mathews" bow with me. (excuse the shameless plug) For me, there is something exhilarating about hunting with one of the most primitive tools (I hope to share that with you in the future.) It's just the genetic line I come from I guess and I love every minute of it.

God has blessed me with the means to pursue the things I love. Best of all the blessings He has given, is a loving wife that encourages me in all my endeavors; work or play. She will always be my biggest passion.

Stand Tall and Shoot Straight,


  1. Grandpa would be so proud of you! SS

  2. It's always nice to see men who understand what good writing looks & sounds like. This post is my husband 100%, he'd just never would have found the words to describe it so well. (he was best man in a wedding & I had to write the speech.) well done!

  3. It is, isn't it? I found a keeper...who would have guessed he'd be a hunter! I love it though :)


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