Friday, August 10, 2012


I complain about something(usually work) at least once a day. I don't think I really mean to complain though, I think it's just more or less something to say. Something to tweet, something to put in my Facebook status, but they're never legit complaints.
I had a post ready for today, but Lacy put up Living on Love's August Challenge and I was feeling extra thankful so I decided to tackle her challenge early! Her challenge this month was to think about what you're thankful for. I composed a post of all that I'm thankful for...

Having to work all day with times like these is really more of a blessing. I am thankful for a flourishing business. I am thankful to work alongside my mother, see familiar faces and meet new people every day. I'm thankful for a paycheck! Can I get an AMEN?

I am thankful for my dad. He's our supply guy and a mighty fine one I might add. Every morning he greets me with supplies and a joke to break up the monotony of the morning. I'm a daddy's little girl in the sense that anytime I'm having a bad day, my dad's the one I turn to to make my day better. I'm thankful for all the time I've had with my father. My grandma past away when my dad was 5, I can't even imagine losing a parent. I know it was tough losing his mother so young and I just hope that one day he realizes how wonderful he's made my life just by being here. I'm thankful for you dad!

I'm thankful for my mom who is crazy passionate, stubborn and intense 95% of the time. It's a wonder we get along with how much alike we are. I am 100% my mother's daughter and I wouldn't have it any other way. She has taught me everything, from how to do my makeup to how to do payroll. Knowledge is power and I love learning from my mom every day. Love you momma, so thankful for parents like you!

Friends. Friends make life gooood. Friends get me through my days. I'm thankful for the little texts I receive here and there. Dinners out on the town with y'all. Staying up late drinking vino by the fire. And of course thank you for the lovies on the blog from day to day. My friends are some of my biggest supporters, cheering me on in everything that I do. Thank you for all that you do. I hope I show you the same love, you guys mean the world to me.

The roof over our heads(it's new thanks to last year's hail.) This house is definitely a home and we are blessed beyond belief to have it. We have enjoyed so many "firsts" in our home and I look forward to many more.

I won't bore you with the Tego talk, you know how much I love that little boop. I'm thankful every day that we have our little Akita.

My husband. I always find it difficult to find the words to describe how thankful I am for my husband. He's a good, good man. It's not easy to love a woman like me. They say you marry a man like your father. I married a man who brings a smile to my face every single day. He is patient, and kind, and caring and sensitive. He's all the things that I need him to be without asking him to be. He's my perfect match, soul mate if you will. I look into his eyes and I can see the love in his heart. I wake up each morning thankful that he's next to me and I fall asleep each night thankful for one more day. I am thankful for my husband in so many ways. Thank you Kory.

On a lighter note, I'm thankful for more...
  • rain
  • dipped cones
  • peach tea
  • washers and dryers
  • mocassins
  • the moon
  • farmers
  • pedicures
  • running water
  • a vehicle that runs
  • Chiefs
  • good health
  • a strong mind
  • wonderful neighbors
  • Smart Wool/Old Nany socks(they're the best)
I am thankful for so much more, but it's hard when you're on the spot!

Tell me, what are you thankful for? Do you have a good man or loved ones you're thankful for every day? Are you thankful for the CHIEFS too?? Share it with me in the comments section, or tweet me or post it on Facebook! Show Lacy some love by following her or tweeting with the hashtag #livingonlove!
Happy Friday!
Melissa Loren


  1. I am Thankful for a lot of the same things as you. I am VERY VERY Thankful for my mother. She has done more for me than anyone will ever know. My father for teaching me the meaning of life, and to not take ANY day for granted. My AMAZING husband, he takes such good care of me and our son, Whom I am also SO VERY Thankful for. If it wasn't for my son I would have never known this kind of love. And yes, I too am Thankful for the CHIEFS and season tickets and red friday's, one of my favorite times of the year. And mostly I am Thankful for God and Jesus Christ for making everything else I am Thankful for possible. :)

  2. I'm thankful you posted this! You have such a great outlook on life and inspire me at my age!! :)

  3. We're lucky girls Nat! I'm thankful for our friendship! Love you!

    Stefanie, I'm glad it's inspirational to someone! Thats the goal :)


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