Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Saying Goodbye...

We all know how close my mom and I are. She's my best friend. It wasn't like that when I was growing up. I remember she would always say, "I'm your mother, not your friend!" Things are different now. I'm married and out on my own and she is definitely my best friend, she always was even if she had to be my mother first.

My point is the mother-daughter bond is incredible. It is something to be truly cherished. I hope to have a little girl one day so that we share the same secrets/conversations/companionship as my mother and I.

It's August now, so that means that kids are heading back to school. For some it's college, for the first time ever. College is a whole new chapter for students. Some will be away from home for the first time in their lives. Mom will be far, far away. I believe this is tougher on a girl than a boy, maybe that's just because I'm a girl? Everything is tougher for women isn't it(hehe)?

I never went through this, as I went to UMKC here in town. I commuted back and forth from school so I lived at home. And I now work for my mom. So I've never been separated from my mom for a long period of time.

I have this friend, who's daughter is leaving for MIZZOU very soon. She asked me the other day what I would do with my mom one last time before I went away. Keeping in mind that my mom and I are so close and that I won't see her for some time this is what I came up with...

(Also I'm 18(not 21+) and we're on a budget, you know with me going away to a fancy university and all!)

There's the mani/pedi/movie route but we do that all the time, it's our last weekend together!

  • If you're an outdoorsy person, maybe you'd want to go camping, hiking or fishing.
  • Eat dinner at a place that you've never been to but always wanted to try. You know I have that bucket list for all the places I want to eat at.
  • How about a quick road trip to St. Louis or Springfield. Each have interesting things to do and fun places to eat. 
  • How about a makeup session at Sephora or MAC or a Nordstrom counter. You're young, maybe you don't know much about makeup and you'd like to learn some of the tricks they have before going off to a new place and meeting new people. 
  • Vintage is in right now. Why not check out some of the local vintage stores. You might even find something for your dorm!
  • Go thrifting. Again, vintage is in. Creative is in. See what you can find and make your own!
  • Ice cream is one of my favorite things on Earth. Sooo how 'bout and ice cream date?! Maybe you feel like sampling all the flavors you've never had before! You should really try everything at least once! ;)
  • There's Crown Center. The new aquarium, the fountains and many restaurants.
  • Horseback riding. This is me wishing I had gone away so I could have done this. There are many stalls around town that give lessons and take you on trails. It would be something different, relaxing and still plenty of time to chit chat!
  • Go buy or make a matching piece of jewelry. Whether it be a necklace, earrings or a bracelet. You could get your initials on them or putting saying on there that reminds you of one another.
  • This one is uber cheesy and something that my mom and I would have totally done, write a letter to one another and present them to each other with a small token of your appreciation.

What would y'all do?? I'd love to hear back from you! It could help my friend and many others, I'm sure!

Here's a little advice for "M,"

Study, study, STUDY!
Listen to your heart.
It's OKAY to say NO.
Don't ever compare.
Choose friendships wisely.
Be in the moment.
Listen to your heart.
Live life to the fullest!

Good lucky lady!
I hope this helps!

Much love,
-Melissa Loren

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