Friday, August 3, 2012

{When You Worry, You Make it Double}

Did you know, that if you dream about being on vacation, it's an indication that you, in fact, need a vacation? A break from your daily routine rather. A chance to recharge your battery and get a fresh outlook.

The other night I dreamed that Kor and I were in Jamaica...coincidence? Maybe it's that I'm craving a trip for our one year anniversary? No, no... I think I just need a break. I definitely need a recharge.

No matter where you go or what you do, nothing beats vacation. Traveling is the ultimate experience.

I can feel the excitement of staying up late and chatting with my husband as we pack the night before. The thrill of waking up so early and and not caring that you're exhausted because you're way too excited to be bothered with sleep! Chugging a white chocolate mocha before checking in to board the plane.

I can feel the butterflies in my tummy while the plane rumbles as it takes off. As you usual, I'd of course catch up on my gossip and fashion magazines during the flight. It's an early flight(the early bird gets the worm) so there's only a small snack. I devour it, plus any other snacks I purchased at the airport.

And then, there they are, palm trees and wild flowers as we land in Jamaica. Instantly you're welcomed with reggae music and "no problem, mon!" Man I love that. It seems as though people in Jamaica really have, "no problems." I'm sure that's not truly the case, but they all appear to be genuinely happy and content. So polite they are and constantly, I mean constantly singing. They're happiness radiates and becomes contagious. You can't help but join them in song and dance and parade around like you really have, no problems. Of course when the sun is shining bright, there's hot sand under your toes, and a red stripe in your hand, how can you not?

Then there's all the adventures that come with a vacation. We could swim with the dolphins or take a bike ride on the mountain side. We could stop for some jerk chicken and hit a road-side fruit stand to get some delicious fruit(fruit from other countries just seems to be in it's finest state, packed with flavor and so fresh). I'd get some Guineps again! Yums. I can imagine us watching the sunset each evening, paired with a bottle of vino. I'd lay out, no doubt about it, if only for a short time. I'd lay under the moon and count my blessings and be thankful for yet another trip and another day...

Can you tell I'm obsessed with Jamaica and the idea of vacation? For now, there's no time, nor money for a vacation. In the mean time I'll just keep dreaming intensely about a vacation and sing this little diddy to get me through the days and keep me hopeful and positive...

"In every life we have some trouble
 when you worry you make it double
 don't worry, be happy
 cause when you worry, your face will frown,
 and that will bring everybody down,
 so don't worry, be happy"

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