Monday, September 17, 2012

Boy Meets Girl.

Today, I'm going to take you back in time and tell you a little story about how boy meets girl.

It was September 17th, 2009. A Wednesday night. I'd been working all day and it was just about closing time. It had been a regular day at Lucia's, pretty uneventful. Then, all of a sudden, he walked in. Kory that is. My heart started racing, like it always did when he came around. As usual, I tried to hold back my massive smile and just act "cool." At this point I've known Kory for a couple of years but he has no clue of the major crush I have on him. I was super shy so there had been absolutely zero progress between the two of us, besides he'd never go for me...

...This night was different though. It was just us in that tiny 900 square feet building. Just the two of us. Me and him. One on one. A million thoughts are running through my head...Good thing I showered today. Do I look ok? What do I talk about?

We chat about what's been going on lately and somehow we got on the subject of music-Which in his opinion, he's a professional in. Psshh. He explained the difference between "country" music and "real country" music. We battled back and forth about what we each considered "real country." He wanted to prove me wrong, so he told me there was a real country concert happening the next night which he had an extra ticket for and that I should come along.

I couldn't believe it. Could this be real?! Kory Schartz is asking ME out on a date? Of course I wanted to go!!!!!

So naturally, I pulled out the old, "Wellllll I have to work tomorrow night so we'll see."

When really I was like, " YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!" HA!

As soon as he left I called my best friend and told her all about what had happened. Her and I had plans that next night(after work) so I told her I didn't want to bail, that I'd just tell him I'll take a rain check. Immediately she was like, "Girl are you crazy?!" She knew how bad I wanted this, she told me there was no way she'd let me blow him off and that if my mom wouldn't let me off, she'd work for me. The next step was talking my mom into letting me off early. Don't worry, she did.

That next day I rushed home, showered and got all ready for my big date. I was nervous. So nervous. Kory was totally out of my league. I'd never met his friends before. I'd never been to his house before. Let's be honest, I'd never been on a real date before. SO I thought I'd take one little shot of Patron to calm my nerves. Don't judge me.

I got to Kory's and he introduced me to his friends, they were great. They were totally surprised to see someone else coming though. Shocker. We piled up in Kory's car and headed to the concert. Ready for the best surprise? We got to the concert, and you know that "EXTRA" ticket Kory said he had? Well he didn't have one!! He was just hoping they had extras at the door. Typical guy right? So the guys dropped Jess and I off at the door to get in line while they parked. I was very lucky that night to have Jess there. She was so friendly and easy to talk to, which made things a lot easier for me.

When we got to the front of the line, the guys weren't back yet. Jess decided not to wait. She handed over her ticket, grabbed my hand and pulled me through the doorway and rushed me to the bar! So basically, thank you Jess for sneaking me into my very first Randy Roger's concert. Kory has you to thank. ;)

I drank like drinking was going out of style. My nerves quickly fizzled out.

I was so in to Kory that nothing else mattered. We danced all night long. Kory sang to me all night long-he's a fabulous singer. We laughed all night long. Radiowaves was the song playing when Kory kissed me for the first time. I'll never forget that night. It's cheesy to say it, but it really was just like the movies. We danced until the lights came on and they kicked us out. Kory and I stayed up all night talking and learning about one another. It was the most perfect first date ever.

We have spent every single day together, since that night.

Thanks for inviting me on that first date Kory, even though you didn't really have a ticket for me. Look how much has happened in three years. I love you.

Melissa Loren
photo circa 2009-our first date


  1. Even though I've heard the story it still melts my heart :) love you guys!

  2. That is just adorable....I want to come visit you guys...I didn't get enough at the wedding!

    1. Yeah we didn't have much time at the wedding! We were crazy busy. You'll have to come visit sometime!


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