Friday, September 7, 2012

Clear Skies and Corn Fields

We finally had a chance to get away together for Labor Day weekend. It was a much needed get away. We went back to Kory's hometown, Ellinwood, Kansas. It's right in the center of Kansas and it's surrounded by corn, wheat, cattle and more corn! I must warn you, I took a lot of pictures :)
We left Friday afternoon. We had to bring Tego along on this trip(first timer)because we didn't make it to Camp Bow Wow in time. We're always nervous about bringing her because it's almost a 5 hour drive and Grandmas house is on the cozy side and well, Tego's no small pup! She did fantastic though. She was a bit needy during the drive, but otherwise fantastic. She finally learned that it was much more comfortable to just sprawl out in the back. 

When we got in Friday night, Kory took his mom and I to John Henry's, the local restaurant in town. It reminded me so much of the old Lucia's building. Small and quaint with delicious food. I had a bacon wrapped filet, baked potato and salad all for $12.50. Isn't that nuts? Kory had this huge schooner of beer, guess how much? $2.75! Hello Central Kansas!

Saturday was dove hunting out at the Selfridge Farm. I tag along from time to time because I love to be outdoors and I like to get a peek at what Kory loves to do. Don't worry I didn't shoot any doves. I just snapped photos ad watched out for other wildlife. I mostly tag along to visit Alan and Diana Selfridge, the land owners. They've become family to Kory and I. I enjoy them so much. Not to mention they are some meeeaaan cooks! And they take care of us every time. This time it was smoked pork loin, salad, Spanish rice, homemade peanut butter and chocolate ice cream and pineapple upside down cake. My words cannot explain how full and content my belly was!  

Sunday was the Schartz Family Reunion, where once again we ate like kings. It was our first time seeing a lot of his family since our wedding, and it was my first Schartz family reunion as a Schartz. It felt good. :) After the reunion we had dinner with Mama Schartz and kicked back on the couch and watched part 1 and 2 of The Deathly Hallows. It was the perfect way to relax. PS-Tego would not cooperate for our family photo...
Monday was Trace's 4th birthday party! I've mentioned Trace a time or two before. He is Kory's cousin Terry's son. He had an angry birds theme. It was so cute, he was such a happy little four year old. 
We headed home Monday evening. We loaded Tego up, gave Grandma kisses and went on our way. I must say that on both the trip there and back, I demanded snacks and Kory demanded that we listen to T Swift's, "We Are Never Getting Back Together," over and over again! :)

It was such a great weekend with my husband. I will treasure our road trips together, forever. 
One of many perks of my mother-in-law' slushes!
Apparently they take rock climbing seriously in the grade schools in Ellinwood. :)
Until next time friends,
-Melissa Loren

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