Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY: Metallic Love Letters

I found these great cardboard letters on sale and couldn't resist. I thought they'd go great in my bedroom with my other LOVE project. I whipped out my good buddy, Mr. Spray Paint and went to town! First I primed them with white, then I went over them with a silver metallic spray. Next I super glued frame hooks on the back. Last step was to hang them up in the bedroom! That's it! So easy, the pics don't really do this project justice. My bed faces this new addition and I just lay there loving it! Our ROOM is slowly, but surely coming together!

-Melissa Loren
PS: Check out the sweet GIVEAWAY!


  1. where did you get them?, I want to write AMORE in my room( Italian)=love, absolutely paint them metallic or maybe antique paint technique with metallic.

  2. Am I missing where you got the letters? This is a great project with many possibilities!

    1. Sarah,
      I found them at JoAnns! Yes, I was thinking the same thing, so many possibilities! I really enjoy the simplicity of these for my bedroom though. Some super fun ones would be cute in my kitchen. I'm thinking EAT!


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