Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wedding Flower Turned Headband!

For our wedding, I had a lovely flower placed in my hair. It was exactly the look I wanted. Below are a few pictures of my hair with the flower. 
Since the wedding, I have shoved said flower into a drawer and haven't worn it since. I see it every day, so it's a constant reminder that it's just sitting there, unused. It's very special to me so I thought I'd turn it into something more practical that I can wear more often. I decided a headband would be a cute idea. Here's a little bit of how I put it together...

I got a piece of elastic from Hobby Lobby. I don't sew, so I measured it around my head to see how much I would need. Then I super glued one end to the other. Again, I don't sew, so next I super glued and hot glued(extra precautions) the flower to the elastic band. That was it! Now I have a little keepsake from our wedding that I can wear all of the time. :) 
Until next time friends.
-Melissa Loren


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