Wednesday, October 3, 2012

25 things to remember about my mom...

  1. She is fearless.
  2. She doesn't know a stranger.
  3. She always says, "Be aware of your surroundings."
  4. She always tells me to save up during the summer, winters are always tough(especially for restaurants). 
  5. She has a crazy sweet tooth, her favorite is chocolate cake with chocolate icing. 
  6. She loves her cowboy boots. 
  7. She is totally stubborn. 
  8. She is a really good listener. 
  9. She loves to garden. 
  10. She has a huge heart, she'll help anyone she can.
  11. Terrible, terrible handwriting. 
  12. If you teach her a new saying, she will totally wear it out. 
  13. She always told me NOT to cry...maybe that's why I cry so much??
  14. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman is one of her favorite songs, we used to cruise to it when I was little.
  15. Her children are her #1 priority.
  16. She's a great dancer.
  17. She's a lush. HA.
  18. She loves a good pedicure.
  19. The woman can COOK-anything!
  20. She's bossy, she likes it her way or the highway.
  21. She's really good at doing her makeup.
  22. She always tells me not to trust anyone and not to share important things with just anyone.
  23. She's witty, quick on her feet. She'll crack a joke in a heart beat.
  24. If you teach her a new saying she'll totally use it against you and completely wear it out!
  25. She drives me crazy and she's my best friend all in one.
I promise I'm not jumping the gun on this post. I just sit there and go through the days with my mom and I think about all of the wonderful things that she is. Nothing is ever guaranteed in this life. We need not to take our loved ones for granted. There are things about my mom that I never, ever want to forget. I'm sure I won't forget, but they say memories fade and I want to keep these things fresh in my mind. I will continue to add to this list as time goes on and as my mom continues to do quirky things throughout the days. After all I spend EVERY day with her and she is my best friend...this list could go on forever. :) 
I love my momma.
Are there things that your mom does that drive you crazy or are just too funny to forget?? Share them with me!
Melissa Loren

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    1. It's good to keep things like this written down. My dad has only been gone 4 years and I have to sit in a very quiet room just to remember what his voice sounded like. Memories do fade. Your mom is really great I can vouch for most of the 25 first hand. :)


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