Thursday, October 11, 2012

30 before 30!

Alright, you guys all saw the 25 before 25 post, can you believe that 8 months has gone by?? Just like that, they're gone! I can't believe that I'll be 25 in just two days. I'll be an antique according to my husband. A quarter of a century old. Humph. Well, that's fine, not time to dwell on age or lost time! It's time to move on and take on new challenges. Today I'm sharing with you my 30 goals/hopes/dreams/intentions before I turn 30. Five years seems like a reasonable amount of time to tackle some of these. Do you have plans to have certain things accomplished by a certain age? Are you constantly daydreaming and challenging yourself? I know I am. Here's my list, I hope you enjoy it!

  1. Have a baby
  2. Paint the outside of our home
  3. Get a new couch
  4. Learn how to sew
  5. Take another BIG vacation
  6. Change all of carpet to wood floors
  7. Pay all of debts(excluding cars and home)
  8. Send a letter to someone I care about
  9. Take a girls trip
  10. Host a fancy schmancy dinner party
  11. Hang our hammock
  12. Build a garden(I will!)
  13. Buy a pair of Christian Louboutins for myself
  14. Have another baby
  15. Find the perfect LBD
  16. Tour a winery
  17. Start my own charity
  18. Make homemade ice cream
  19. Add a new stamp to my passport
  20. Chop down our own Christmas tree
  21. Make an entire Thanksgiving dinner with my husband
  22. Convert our extra "room" to an office space
  23. Do something special for my parents
  24. Host a big blog giveaway
  25. Design and build a pool
  26. Take a romantic overnight trip
  27. Wallpaper the upstairs hallway
  28. Finish the basement
  29. Make a quilt for the babe that we have
  30. Build a patio and a deck
Melissa Loren

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  1. This is a awesome list. I also put #13 on my list. LOL. Richard thinks I'm crazy!!


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