Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Is it just me or is fringe the coolest thing ever right now? Lately I can't get enough of it. Mostly just in shoes and accessories, but I've gotta get my hands on those shorts below! I remember my mom used to have this fringe jacket. I'm not sure, I must have been in middle school or high school, but I remember she came home with it and I almost gagged on my ramen. I was repulsed by it. The thought of fringe made me, well, CRINGE! I gave her so much crap for it until she just completely stopped wearing it. Poor mom, I know. I'm awful, but you should have seen this jacket. Bleh! Anyway we've been out shopping the last couple of Mondays and I just cannot keep my eyes off all of the fringe. I'm just drawn to it. Each time my mom sees my picks, she rolls her eyes and tells me, "Oh Melissa, it has fringe, remember we don't wear fringe..." 
Mwuuhahahaha. I can't help but do the evil laugh. I tormented my mom so much that she's still traumatized by fringe. I don't enjoy the fact that I hurt my moms feelings, it just makes me laugh a little that after all these years it stuck with her. I love you mom-I Promise. ANYWHO...
We can wear some fringe now. I wouldn't go all out with it, but some fringe here and there is great. It's perfect for fall! I'm loving these rich colors.
What're your thoughts on fringe? Did you ever give your mom a hard time about an outfit or a piece of clothing? Don't act like you didn't, I know I'm not alone here :)
Melissa Loren

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  1. both pairs of boots you posted are so cute! i know what to add to my christmas list...


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