Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I really want to give our guest bedroom a makeover. Like a legit makeover. The works, new paint, new bed, new decor, etc.! However, I really want to be able to enjoy it for the next several years and have our guests enjoy it every time they stay. So I want it to be well thought out and deliberate. Over the next few weeks(possibly months, hey the holidays are coming up!) I will be collecting inspiration. I might even make some sort of inspiration board. I'll gather pictures, fabrics and any other pieces that I find inspiring. To ensure that I'll love this room for many years to come I really want to figure out my style and what I'm most drawn to. Am I country? Modern? Chic? Rustic? The toughie is that I think I'm a little bit of everything(minus the country), I'm pretty eclectic. I need to find the perfect blend to make this room flow. Anyway, you might get a few of these post from me while I'm trying to figure out just what I want. For now here's a few inspirational rooms from Pinterest! 

all pics via pinterest

Do you know your style? What do you think most depicts your personality? If you have an great places for me to find inspiration, please share!
Melissa Loren


  1. The 1st and 3rd are my faves. :) Good Luck with the make over. PS. One of my favorite bedroom places is Pottery Barn.

    1. Thanks mama! I probably won't start for a while. I need a solid idea of what I want!

  2. these are great picks! i am wanting to do the same thing. i'm thinking about doing like $50 per room and redoing the whole house!

    1. Girl if you do it under 50 bucks, please let me know! I'm definitely on a budget with this room, but I still want it to be awesome. $50 might be a stretch for me but I do have some ideas that will at least, lead me in the cheaper direction!


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