Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's Always, ALWAYS the Little Things!

This is what I came home to Saturday night:

+ a foot rub.

Last week was a rough one. From going to a funeral to work woes and a few other dramatics it seemed like the never-ending week. I really try to be as positive as possible throughout my days, but sometimes you just feel defeated. If anyone understands me and my crazy emotions and ever-turning mind, it's my husband. He just gets me. He knows I'm a big bag of emotions and he accepts me just the way I am and knows just how to keep me sane. He knows what I'm going through at work and all of the other stresses that I have and he'll do anything to shed just a little bit of light on the good things in life. A bubble bath and a foot rub is his way of showing me that he truly cares and that he doesn't want me to be stressed or upset. He is the one who keeps me calm. Keeps me sane. Keeps me happy. Keeps me smilin'. Keeps me in love. Keeps my heart racing. He is my husband.
So thankful for this man. 
Remember, it's the little things...always, always!
Melissa Loren

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