Monday, October 22, 2012

The Perfect Coat

I'm on the hunt for the perfect winter coat. I want something bold, but something that I can get a lot of use out of. I definitely want one with a pattern. When looking for a coat I realized how expensive they can be. I have never splurged on a coat. I really prefer not to wear one, so that's probably why. BUT we have a few outdoor events this winter and with our trip to Vail, I want a super cute winter coat. Today I just thought I'd share some coats I found plus their inexpensive counterparts. It's nice to find look-a-likes for a cheaper price! Can you tell which coats are the cheap ones?

J. Crew
$148 compared to $625.
$59 compared to $178
Old Navy
$44 compared to $295

Own The Runway
$49 compared to $119

 The more expensive coats are pictured first. Would you splurge and spend a little extra cash or would you settle for a look-a-like? 
I can tell you, I'd never spend $625 on a coat so I'd totally settle for the knock off plaid coat. They're so similar anyway. I'm really partial to the more pricey houndstooth coat though, so I might splurge for the expensive one in that case. Especially since I have some Nordstrom notes(coupons :) ) I'll admit, it was hard to find cheap look a likes. Coats are just all around expensive. For the style I imagined, ModCloth was above and beyond anywhere I looked, so if you're looking for a fun statement coat...look there!
Melissa Loren

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  1. LOVING the plaid numbers!

    P.S. Thank you for voting in the Layla Grayce Style Standoff-- I'm so so glad you won! ;)


    Anna xoxo


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