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{A True KC Wedding}

If you haven't been by yet this week, I'm doing a little miniseries in honor of our upcoming 1 year wedding anniversary. You can see my original post and our wedding details here. For now, enjoy a little bit of the Hoag's, I know I do!

Tell us your wedding date and location(s)... 
We were married October 18, 2008 at the Country Club Congregational Church in Brookeside with our reception at the President Hotel in downtown Kansas City. 
Why did you pick your wedding date?
I had only known my *then* boyfriend for 6 months and a day before he popped the question in December but I knew I wanted the rest of my life  to start with him as quickly as possible! So the idea of a long engagement was out the window.  Fall, with all her colors and beauty has always been my favorite season so from there it was just a matter of getting the dates to match up with our vendors! 
What was your vision for your wedding? Where did you draw inspiration from? 
I wanted something uniquely Kansas City.  It is the place both my husband and I love, where our relationship was born and raised and where both of our families chose to make their living..    Our band was a local Jazz musician, the President Hotel has been a staple of KC for over a hundred years, the food, the colors;  Classic and clean with a little swank and history, just the way we love KC.
 Were there specific places you shopped to save money? Did you have any DIYs? Are there items you would advise future brides not to spend as much money on?
I was so young and so busy trying to figure out my new life I really dropped the ball with DIY's.  I wish I'd known then what I know now but isn't that just how life goes.  I relied heavily on my wedding coordinator and trusted in her judgement ( obviously not the greatest idea in hindsight BUT like I said... 20/20)  I spent a lot of time on TheKnot.com getting ideas from other brides and trying to conjure up my own ideas but was as creative and crafty as a rock and bought most of my gifts, centerpieces, etc. 

 I managed to keep my stress level completely nonexistent during my planning process. If like me, how did you keep stress to a minimum? If not, what were the most stressful parts and what advice do you have to make them less stressful?
The most stressful part of the wedding planning for me was trying to make everyone happy.  I am, by nature, a very pleasing person and that is just the worst type of person to be when planning a wedding.  Inevitably you will not be able to meet everyone's needs, guest list, body type or meal choice.  You, as a new bride, need to decide what you want for your wedding with your husband and stick to your guns.  It is your day, your wedding, your first step into your new life and your dream day.  Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise ( even if your dad is footing the bill) :) 

The dress. How did you pick your dress? Did you have an idea of what you wanted going in?
This was something I was pretty sure about.  I had made up my mind to find my dress in a day.  With my bridesmaid in tow, we hit up four stores, tried on 40 different dresses and it was the last dress I tried.  The second it was zipped I knew and that was that.  Fitted top, poofy bottom... you know, the classic wedding dress.   
What is your favorite memory from your special day?
My favorite memory was the amount of laughter and tears my husband and I shared on the alter.  We wrote our own vows and waited until the very moment to share them.  My husband is the funniest person I know but the love, passion, humor and vulnerability that came from him when he read me his promise was more than anything I could ever dream of. To make those vows in front of your family , friends and God and have it be such a personal moment is something I will never forget.   

Lastly, do you have any extra advice for future brides out there?
Do what makes you happy. A wedding is a beautiful, exciting time. But remember, the wedding is just a day, the marriage is forever.  They can get very expensive very quick ( trust me!) and at some point you need to ask yourself if that type of money is really worth what you're getting. When we renew our vows, our wedding will be very different. We are very different people now and our lives have change drastically for the better. But the things that are important will always be important;  family, friends, and above all, love.  


Thanks Natalie, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, As you know, it brought tears to my eyes when you first emailed it to me! I wish we had met before your big day, as we all can see how beautiful it was, but I'm so glad to have you in our lives regardless. Cheers to you two!
What is your favorite memory from your big day, share it with us??
Melissa Loren


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