Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[Anniversary Trip: Idaho Springs+Breckenridge]

If you saw yesterday's post, it started with our first round of Colorado. If you love Ikea then you should check it out. Today I thought I'd share day two of Colorado with y'all. We packed up and left Denver and headed on to Idaho Springs and Breckenridge Colorado. In Idaho Springs we stopped at a place called Beau Jo's, which is known for their "Mountain Pizza." We got the motherload, which consisted of every meat you could ever imagine. I'm not usually a thick crust girl, but it was so tasty. One of the best pizzas either of us has ever had. As you can see in the pic, they served honey with it. Two things, I love honey and their honey was fresh and local and straight from the mountains. So cool. Some people might think it's weird to mix honey and pizza, but being from Kansas City, it's something I've had before. My favorite pizza place, Joe's, serves honey with theirs too. If you've never tried it, you should-honey on your pizza that is. :) In both Idaho Springs and Breckenridge, we really just took the time to relax and sightsee...and eat of course. Both were quaint and beautiful to look at. They both had tons of shops and local eateries. It was great to walk around and unwind. Here are a few pics of each. Breckenridge had my favorite Starbucks ever, it was the cutest, coziest little place! Enjoy!

Melissa Loren

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