Monday, November 26, 2012

[Anniversary Trip: IKEA]

Ok, so I have to brag on my husband a little bit. First of all, for our 1 year wedding anniversary he planned a trip for us to Vail, Colorado. Amazing right? Well that's just the beginning...
I had been browsing Ikea online for weeks, drooling over items that I wanted. The items I wanted weren't available online though, go figure. So then I started looking at Ebay and Amazon for the items I wanted. I quickly got frustrated though, because half the perk of these Ikea items was that they were super affordable. All the prices I was finding elsewhere were double the Ikea price and sometimes triple with shipping. I loved these items but I just wasn't going to pay double or triple the price. I was explaining all of this to the hubs and he had a brilliant idea. He said to see if there was an Ikea anywhere near Denver(big city and we were traveling straight through it!). Sure enough, there was one in a suburb just outside of Denver, we wouldn't have to go out of our way at all! So he added an EXTRA day onto our trip and booked a hotel for us to stay one night in Denver. I just had to share how close he booked our hotel to the Ikea(see pic below) I could see the Ikea from our hotel room! Talk about romantic and a husband that knows just how to make my day! I know I sound crazy, but really who goes through all that trouble?! My husband does. 
We left Kansas City around 9 am and got to Denver about 5:30ish. We checked in to our hotel, freshened up and hit Ikea. I knew Kory was starving so I was on a mission. I knew exactly what I for sure wanted, so I figured we'd run through and grab those things and head back in the morning. And that's just what we did. Kory laughs because he'd never seen me so giddy and on a mission. He loves telling the story and imitating me as I raid the store with my hand on my hip pushing women and children out of my way. Hahaha. Ok not really but we did grab everything I wanted in less than 30 minutes. Then we enjoyed a fabulous steak dinner as we I came down from an Ikea high. I'll share more on the dinner later. After dinner we rested up for our second trip to Ikea and our trip on to Vail. We were up so early and ready to go the next morning that Ikea wasn't even open yet, so we stopped at BK for a little OJ and sustenance. I was able to capture a few Ikea pics the next morning, but not many because I was still in some sort of Ikea trance. Who knew I could do an entire post on Ikea? Really this post is about how awesome my husband is though! :)

Melissa Loren


  1. This is to funny! Oh and you are starting to look more and more like your mother, especially in that pic of you at BK! Happy anniversary!

  2. What a sweet husband! I'm super jealous of your trip!!


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