Thursday, November 29, 2012

[Anniversary Trip: Vail]

Part three of our anniversary trip:
Be sure to check out post one and two! 
For our actual anniversary(Monday the 19th) we were in Vail. We wanted to do something special for dinner that we'd never done before. We'd had a really fancy(and yummy) dinner while we stayed in Denver, so we weren't wanting to splurge again. So we headed a few miles west to the city of Minturn, Colorado, where a friend told us we could pick out our own steak and grill it ourselves! Yes, we had to work for our anniversary meal, but it was fun. I love to cook, it's what I grew up doing and what I do as my j-o-b. It didn't feel like work though. It's not every day that I grill my own steak, I mean let's been honest, it's usually my dad or Kory grilling me a steak. It was kind of cool to show off my grilling skills to Kor and for him to confirm that he's a grill master. :) With the steak you got to pick to sides, which they prepared for you. We grilled our steaks to perfection and we each devoured every bite on our plates. We clinked glasses and said cheers to ONE year and said our "love yous," it was the perfect 1st anniversary dinner. 
Our last day was spend driving around sightseeing some more. I was oh so hopeful to find another mountain sheep, or an elk...better yet, a bear! Kory laughed every time I said I wanted to see a bear. I just think it was have been so cool! We were unsuccessful this time though. I told Kory it was ok because we're going to see EVERYthing when we go to Alaska one day! ;) Here's just a few more photos from our trip. We only got of us together the entire trip!

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  1. What a fun get-away!!! I love those mountains. Happy Anniversary!


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