Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{Merry Christmas Banner}

Yes, I'm already thinking about Christmas. It's one of my favorite times of year and I just love to decorate the house. This year I just want to keep it clean and simple, nothing too over the top. My favorite place to decorate is always the mantle. It's the focal point in our living room and I love decorating by the fireplace. I just thought I'd share this easy banner I made for the mantle, with y'all. Let me know what you think!
What you need:
brown craft card stock(I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
elmer's glue
gold glitter(or whatever color you prefer)
First I cut out triangles(well Sarah did anyway), enough for each letter of whatever you choose to spell. I thought about "Tis the Season," but decided to go the traditional route.
Then I drew on my letters.
Next I outlined and filled the letters with glue. I bought a HUGE glue bottle thinking that this was going to take a ton of glue. That wasn't the case, a small bottle will take care of you and leave plenty left over.
The sparkly stuff is next! Do as Luke Bryan would say and shake it baby! The glitter that is...
Carefully shake the excess glitter off your glued triangle, making share not to disturb the glue!
I decided to glue to corners of each triangle together and connect them that way.
I then super glued a string of hemp onto the beginning letter and the ending letter.
Then I just secured the banner to my mantle and voila!

This preview is with our crazy green walls. Yes I picked that color. It was the very first color I picked in our new home! And I have honestly enjoyed it for the last, almost 3 years now. The green will not be making it into the third year though, for I have painted the living room a new color. I'll share pics when the living room is done with it's mini-makeover. I will say that I am totally and completely infatuated with the new color. It makes it look like a completely different room. Kory and I both said that it "classes" it up, sweet huh?? Anyway, I'd love for you to share your banner or other Christmas projects if you make them!
Until next time friends,
Melissa Loren

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