Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{Things You Should Be Buying at Target}

Target has always been like date night for Kory and me. When we first started dating we lived in a condo with his best friend and his girlfriend(now wife). I technically didn't live there, but basically I did. Back to the point, we'd meet at the condo when we both got off work and Jesse and Tina would be there and they'd always ask what we were planning on doing. It finally got to a point where if we were leaving Tina would be like, "Oh are you guys going to get dinner and head to Target?" We'd laugh, slightly embarassed, but almost always respond with yep, yep we sure are. Womp, womp. Target is just like the motherload  for me though. They have everything at a great price. I love shopping there for clothes and for our home. I know I'm not they only one who frequents Tar-jay, so no judging! :) What are some of the things you like shopping for at Target? Do you like their clothing department? Be sure to share them with me! I love hearing about great finds! Here's just a few things I've been eyeballing in the fashion department lately. Enjoy!
Melissa Loren

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