Monday, November 12, 2012

{Wedding Week: A Schartz Wedding}

Alright guys here's what's happening this week...Our *ONE* year wedding anniversary is next Monday! Can you believe it? Super ridiculous right? Time has just disappeared like the warm summer sun. A whole year with my handsome man. What. A. Lucky. Gal. But anyway, in honor of said anniversary I'm doing a little miniseries this week on the bloggy. I have a few friends joining in to help me so be sure to stay tuned! Today I'll start with our wedding and all of the deets. I know you guys have heard alllll about our wedding but just stick with me through one more post. :) If you guys have any questions feel free to contact me via email or leave me a comment right below! Oh and one more awesome fact, EA Bride a local bridal magazine(local to KC that is) has decided to feature our wedding! Yippee! Our photographer(Jana Marie Photography, please excuse the shameless plug, hehe)took such rad photos that you'll see us in the December/Winter edition of EA Bride. Be sure to check it out! So here goes...

Tell us your wedding date & location(s)...
November 19, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Redemptorist Catholic Church/Dan Meiners Studio

Why did you pick your wedding date?
We had a few things that factored into our wedding date. We had a long engagement(1 year) because most of the dates we wanted we're already taken and we wanted to save money. We also wanted a fall wedding, so we had to wait for the following year. THEN there was the hunting matter. We had to work around my husband's hunting schedule. The loving fiancé that I was, I obliged. Plus I knew hunting would be a part of the rest of our lives and I didn't want it interfering with any of our anniversary plans. HA!

What was your vision for your wedding? Where did you draw inspiration from?
I was going for a classic, chic and elegant vibe. I wanted it to be feminine and glitzy, but not over the top. I got a few ideas from Pinterest, but a lot of it was more just my personality and the kind of woman I am.

Were there specific places you shopped to save money? Did you have any DIYs? Are there items you would advise future brides not to spend as much money on?
I initially turned to Etsy to save money, buuuut I think I ended up spending more because of Etsy haha. They do have some great, affordable pieces though. Our favors were DIY. We didn't have a lot of extras so we didn't have a lot of DIYs. The one thing we went uber cheap on and do not regret one bit, was invitations. I felt like people were just going to toss them anyway.

The dress. How did you pick your dress? Did you have an idea of what you wanted going in?
I picked my dress in one day. We only went to one place. I tried on 10 dresses and it was the last one I tried on. It was perfect. I wanted a little bit of a Spanish look, so with the tight bodice, flared bottom and lace, I knew it was THE one. At Ida's Bridal if you put a deposit down during your first trip you got 10% off which was an added bonus! I found the perfect dress and saved a little cashola!

What is your favorite memory from your special day?
Walking down the aisle to my future husband seeing all of the emotion in his face will be a memory I never forget. I knew I was marrying a man who loved me. On a lighter note, bar hopping with a trolley, light sabers, 4 gallons of orange whips, 192 beers and the best friends and family a couple could ask for is legit. Everyone should try it, just once.

Lastly, do you have any extra advice for future brides out there?

Don't stress, promise me you won't. It's such an unforgettable day, don't let anything get in the way of that. At the end of the day it's about you and your husband and your commitment to one another, nothing else. Pack stuff to freshen up with and maybe a little snack for the in betweens. Get plenty of sleep the night before. Don't sleep four to a queen size bed, it's not good for anyone, especially the bride. Trust me. Don't try anything new on the day of, no new makeup tricks or new hair tricks, practice them before hand. Definitely take back up shoes! Oh and make sure your bridesmaids KNOW how to bustle your train!! :) That is all.

I don't think I've ever actually shared any photos of the details from our wedding, so here's a closer look at our church and our reception venue and other small details. Enjoy!

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Melissa Loren


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