Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gifts for him...


Here's a few gift for him based off of what I think my husband might enjoy. Kory and I have recently decided that we like our wine with just a little bit of chill to it so this corkcicle is what it's all about! Kory's job requires a little bit of dress up, I don't know about him but I love these oxford shoes. I am attracted to this men's Timex watch for the simplicity of it, it's timeless(ha). This portable Beats by Dre speaker is a must and I know this because Kor actually requested this one, so maybe your man needs one too? I don't know if #5 is more for Kory or more for me? I hate clutter, hate it, so this little gadget makes me smile a little bit. Number 6 is amazing. Hand delivered gourmet italian meats and cheeses?? I'd be the best wife ever if I had these delivered to Kor, he'd love me long time. Seven is also for Kor's love for food and cooking. He eats parmesan cheese like it's going out of style. Seriously, he snacks on it. This restaurant style cheese grater is just the item for him! There ya have it, a few items for the man in your life, from my idea of what Kory might like. Haha.
What are you getting your significant other for Christmas? I'm still figuring out last minute items, so I'd love to hear what you're gettin!
Melissa Loren

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