Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just to clear things up...

Here at Love Like Johnny and June, I often post about materialistic items. Fashion items, gift ideas, "things you should be buying at Target", etc. I will continue to do so, because these are some of the things that tickle my fancy. I have a love for fashion and other pretty things. HOWEVER, I thought it was important(especially during this holiday season!) to point out that these items are just, THINGS. Things I write about, things I admire, but they are not always things that I buy and they most definitely are not what is important. I sometimes get caught up in the idea of having nice things. Especially through reading other blogs, there's always something new, every. single. day. A new outfit, a new DIY or a new piece of furniture. I can't keep up, let alone compete with some of the things I see all over the interweb. I just think it's important that my readers know that, although I love the things I write about, they don't make up, ME. I don't spend tons of money on new outfits or makeup. Would I love to? Well yes, of course I would. I can't though. I'm a normal girl on a budget, growing up and figuring things out. What's important during the holiday season (and all year round for that matter), is your loved ones, spreading Christmas cheer & and doing kind acts for others. Remind yourself what's important about Christmas. It's not the materialistic things. It's your family, friends and Christmas spirit. Do something kind for someone this holiday season. And bare with me as I continue to post about the things I appreciate!
Melissa Loren


  1. I love your little fashion posts & items to buy. I like to be up-to-date with my fashion but I'm not always willing to take that risk & try something different. Your posts help give me a little confidence when working on my style (which is still a work in progress!)

  2. I agree completely. sometimes we get too caught up in the materialism that we forget what life is really about.


    your newest follower


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