Monday, December 17, 2012

Still Hopeful

I had an old friend come into the restaurant yesterday and while chatting with her she asked me how it is, being married. She laughed as she admitted that she had been on Facebook and checked us out. She went on to say that he seemed like a great guy, that we looked happy and that she was happy for us. I confirmed her assumptions. I went on and on, bragging about how wonderful my husband is and how grateful I am for him. 
In wake of all the sadness that has lingered recently, like the gloomy fog that has taken over our city, I'd like to admit that I'm still hopeful and grateful. 
I'm grateful that there are still good people out there. Good men, like my husband. The truest of gentlemen. The kind that isn't embarrassed to whisper sweet nothing's to me in front of anyone or carry my purse while we're out shopping. The kind that will spend an entire day cooking and baking to present me with the most fabulous meal when I get home from a long day's work. 
I found a gem. I really did. And I am so very grateful...and hopeful. 
As scary as this world is I still can't wait to have babies with this man. I'm hopeful at the opportunity to show our children a good and kind world. I'm hopeful that through us and them we might just bring some bit of good to our world. Even the slightest bit of difference, as we teach them to be caring, passionate, brave, sincere, understanding & of course loving. 
We must remain hopeful and never give up. That's what I will keep reminding myself of. So today, I am still hopeful and so very grateful for the good that is
-Melissa Loren

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