Thursday, December 13, 2012

Things you should be buying from Target: Neiman Marcus Edition!

I've decided that this, "Things You Should Be buying at Target," series needs to be a regular thing here at Love Like Johnny and June. Every time I'm at Target I see a million things that I have to have, so I want to be able to share them with you. I'm sure you've noticed by now that Target has collaborated with Neiman Marcus and brought in some really great high end items. They're definitely a little steeper in price BUT they're cheaper than what you might see in the department stores. Here's just a few of the items I've been eyeing...

These gloves are beautiful. I could definitely see these as a gift for my momma! The cocktail shaker would be the perfect match for my new DIY liquor cart! The cookie cutters are just plain awesome. This Tracy Reece sequin top is great for the holidays. With my recent addiction to anything black and white, I'm just dying to have that Diane Von Furstenberg jewelry box!! You can find all of these items at! Tell me some of your favorites!
Melissa Loren

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  1. Richard and I were there 2 nights ago and we almost bought ALL of the top 3 items for the party! I want so bad!! lol


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