Wednesday, December 12, 2012

{Tradition: Wine Corks}

This is a silly little post but I wanted to share it anyway. Kory and I are huge wine-o's. We love to try new wines. Wine was one of those things that I had never really experienced before Kory. I wasn't really a huge drinker and definitely not a drinker of wine. Kory managed to get me hooked on it though and we enjoy sampling and shopping for new wines. Since getting me hooked on [mostly] red wine, we have collected nearly every cork from the bottles that we've finished. We have kept them in a wine carafe(so fitting right?) for the duration of our relationship. The best part about our tradition is that we try to write something on every cork. That way we have a coordinating memory for each one.

I recently designed a new liquor cart for our home(you can see that post here). I wanted to display our corks on the new cart, so I transferred them from the carafe to a glass serving bowl.

While shaking each individual cork out of the stem of the carafe, I decided to reminisce and read each one. It was so fun to travel back and remember some of the amazing moments we've had together. I'm so thankful that we started this tradition and I can't wait to continue doing it over the years. Anyway I thought I'd share this little tradition with you in hopes that it might spark something in you. I can tell you that reading these really brought different waves of emotions over me, just to read the little notes we left. Some were so simple yet they had so much meaning and such a story behind them. I thought I'd share a little bit of what we wrote just for fun! So here goes...

"Dress Fitting, Best Fiance EVER!! 11-7-11" Kory surprised my bridesmaids and me with champagne that he sent to the fitting along with the sweetest note ever.

"Melly new hair cut 12-1-11." From when I chopped all my hair off after our wedding.

"Earthquake in Costa Rica 2-11-12." From the night we had a bottle of wine and woke to an Earthquake on our honeymoon!

"Final MU vs. KU game 2-25-2012" From the last regular season MU/KU game.

"Dinner of the achilles 9-8-11" From the first dinner we had out after Kory recovered from his surgery for his torn achilles. Ouch.

"HONEYMOON 2-9-11" From our first night on our honeymoon.

"Amazing early bday with my love 10-12-11" From my birthday dinner at Capital Grille one month before we were married.

"I love Mama Aimes and Beebs! 11-17-11" From the Thursday night before our wedding when had everyone over for a little pre-celebration!

"Grey's with Ashley" From a night that my friend Ashley came over to catch up and watch our favorite show.

"Cupcake night 2-12-11" From the night that we sampled the cupcakes for our wedding.

"Pre-wedding get down!! 11-17-11" Another cork from the thursday night pre-wedding celebration. :)

"Earth Day 4-22-12" Of course we had to drink to celebrate our Earth! ;)

"Kory's Larry Bird(33rd bday) @ Anthony's 5-29-11" From for Kory's 33rd bday at our favorite restaurant.

"Steel Magnolia 2011" From a concert we attended.

"1st Thanksgiving as a married couple :) 11-24-11" These just make me happy!

"COLORADO 1st anniversary 11-19-2012" From our first anniversary!

I know these seem silly, but they really do make me smile. A hundred memories flood my mind when I read these. There are many more but I'm sure I'm boring you and there are some that I should save for us!
What traditions do you have as a couple? I'd love to hear them! We're working on starting many more as husband and wife. I like that this one has been going since the beginning though!
"A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine." -Robert Mondavi
Melissa Loren


  1. Okay this is just adorable. You two make me feel like Justin & I are just lazy & unromantic! I guess we need to change that! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! This is seriously the sweetest thing I've read today!! That is such an awesome idea. I love love! :)

    1. Awe thank you so much! It truly is fun to go back and read them!


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