Thursday, January 3, 2013

52 weeks in the kitchen together...

So with the new year upon us, I've seen numerous challenges/projects to take on throughout the year. Many of them are tempting but are basically unrealistic for our schedules. I've seen the mile a day trend everywhere, which embarrassingly I know I can't commit to. If I'm going to take on a challenge I don't want it to be one that I'll end up just blowing off. The 365 project has also been floating around out there, but again committing myself to doing something every single day is just too much pressure. I finally came upon the 52 weeks challenge. I should add that I wanted the challenge to involve not only myself, but my husband too. I want to use it as a chance for us to commit ourselves to spending one on one time together. No phones, no Internet, no one else-just us. When I stumbled upon the 52 weeks challenge I knew it was perfect. Kory and I can definitely commit to a weekly project/rendezvous/hang out sesh. So then it's like,"ok what do we do once a week for an entire year?" We did a lot of brainstorming. We decided that we both have a passion for food. We both love to cook and of course we both love to eat. We love experimenting in the kitchen and testing our culinary skills. We both agreed that pushing ourselves to spend one night a week preparing a meal together would be a great way to learn even more about each other and a fun way to spend time together. (I'm never home for dinner with work and all so we don't spend time at all eating or cooking together(when I am home we go out to eat), boooo)
So whether it's trying that risotto I've been talking about for months, honey roasting a pork loin or just a regular ol spaghetti night, we will be spending one night a week in the kitchen, TOGETHER. I'm very excited about this. I can't wait to try new recipes. I'll try to post about our nights together and share some of our recipes here and there. Maybe I'll include the cost of each recipe? What do you guys think? Is there something you want to commit to this year, once a week, every week? If so you should join us and tell us about it!

Here's a few of our honorable mentions:
*Read together.
*Pray together.
*Run together.
*Take Tego to the park together.
*Front porch sitting together.
*Build a fire and catch up together.
*Do a home improvement project together.
*Work on knocking out our foodie bucket list.
*Shoot bows together(that would require me to actually have a bow).
*Take a hike together.
*Work on taking pictures together.
*Take country drives together.
*Drive around admiring our dream homes.
That's what we came up with! We'd love to hear your ideas or if you're planning to join us! Thanks for stopping by today!
Melissa Loren


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