Thursday, January 24, 2013

#52WeeksChallenge-GET IN ON IT!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today! I don't know about you guys but spring cleaning has definitely hit me! It feels like winter just got here(which it kind of did), but everywhere I look, spring is popping up with all of it's beautiful colors! I can't wait to have a garage sale! It'll be our first as a married couple, really our first all together. We have so much STUFF to get rid of! Clothes, furniture, travel bags, shoes, etc. Have you been prepping for spring??
Anyway, I guess I should get on with my post. At the first of the year, I posted a challenge for my husband, me and whoever else wanted to join us. Something that we could do together once a week, for 52 weeks(every week for the entire year). You can see that original post here. We decided to cook one meal a week together. I'm not home a lot during the evenings so we never really get to eat dinner together. We thought this would give us a chance to spend some quality time together and to teach ourselves to be better cooks. Today I just wanted to share with you some of the things we've made so far! We've completed 3 weeks so far, but there is one extra meal because we were on a roll and decided to make one ahead of time for the next evening(that's the chicken salad pic!).
Blue cheese stuffed burgers!
Annnnddd HOMEMADE CHICKEN and NOODLES!! MMM! (this is my moms faaaabulous recipe!)
So that's where we are so far! Are you thinking about joining us?? You should! It's not too late and it doesn't have to be the same challenge! If you jump on be sure to hash tag 52WeeksChallenge and #lovelikejohnnyandjune
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PS stay tuned for a super cute DIY tomorrow, it's my favorite so far!
Melissa Loren

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