Monday, January 14, 2013

{Golden Globes: My Two Cents...}

I'm not usually one for chiming in when it comes to award show fashion. I usually just sit on my couch and ooh and ahh to myself, as each ensemble goes by. BUT, by request here is my two cents(for what it's worth) on Sunday's best and worst...
First off, I'm happy to see that Sunday night's festivities proved that the ombre/balayage trend will be sticking around in 2013. A big raise-the-roof and whoop whoop to that, people! Is it just me who still loves that look? I mean it's so much more than just dark to light. You can do so many things with the color and add so much dimension to it. Just look at Jessica, Lea and both Jennifers, all completely different colors, but all are equally beautiful! Agree? I thought so. Ok so moving on.

Best dressed. In my, not-so-credible opinion. Kate Hudson. Jessica Alba. Lea Michele. All three of these women are jaw-droppingly gorgeous, they could all be wearing paper bags and I'd probably still pick them. Aside from their obvious beauty here's what I love: 
I feel like I haven't seen a dress like Kate's before, therefor I love the uniqueness of it. It fits her oh so well, at that. When I was younger, I used to hate gold, and don't even get me started on the combination of black and gold(!). Not now though. I love gold. Gold jewelry, gold sequins, gold makeup, etc. I think as long as it's not black and gold furniture I'm totally ok with it. And when you have perfectly golden hair like that, why wouldn't you want to rock a little black and gold? PS-does anyone else always think of Princess Sophia and/or Krull the Warrior King every time they see her?! Oh, just me? Oh ok.

Mrs. Alba, errr, Warren. One word, CORAL. That color just never gets old and I just don't think that there is a color better-suited for her bronzed, caramel skin. Who isn't envious of that perfect, year-round skin tone?? I didn't only pick Jessica for her dress, for me it was also her hair and makeup. I mentioned the hair before, so I won't go into all of that again. I love her natural eyes and natural skin paired with the coral lip punch. She's a 10 for sure.

I'm not sure why I love this dress. I just do. Maybe it's the ridiculous slit? Maybe the detail in the train? One thing is for sure, Lea is wearing that dress, it is not wearing her! You go girl, is all I have to say. 

Here starts my honorable mentions. JLo, Jenny from the Block, Jennifer...whatever name she is going by at the time, this woman is always a show stopper. You know when you're being all silly and you talk about which celebrities you'd want to look like? Is that just me again? Well anyway, she is definitely always on my list of celebrity wannabes. I've always found her to be glamourous and on point. However, on Sunday I wasn't a big fan of her dress, that's why she's only a HM. She's on this list  because of her smoky eyes, perfectly colored, side-swepted hair and her lovely earrings. The dress I could do without.
Jennifer Garner made this list for two reasons: One, to give you an example of the ombre/balayage look that I was talking about above^. Two, because she was absolutely adorable on stage. I'll throw a three in there, she is a true natural beauty. I hate the dress. Fair enough?
Kristen Bell also made my honorable mention list. I mean, who wouldn't put the momma-to-be on their list? I thought this dress was elegant on her, beautiful and flow-y.Hayden is always a beaut. I thought her dress fit her well and I love the mermaid style. Her hair left a little to be desired for me and I thought her hot pink clutch was a little adolescent for this awards ceremony.

Now for my least favorite looks of the night. I usually love Nicole Richie, she has amazing style, but something just wasn't quite right for me. I think it's the makeup? And the clutch as well. The dress in some ways is actually very beautiful. I don't know what it is, but something is just a little lack-luster for me.

Kaley Cuoco. Another one of my faves. I am obsessed with The Big Bang Theory. I laugh histerically. I think I maybe just have a hate fire for sheer/nude dresses? Or maybe once again it's not the dress and it's that awful oxblood lip? Or the plum hues around her eyes? I don't know, it's just not my favorite look. I do like her hair though!
 Oh Lucy. That's all I'll say.
Who were your best and worst dressed celebs? I'd love to know!
Melissa Loren


  1. I love Jessica Alba and Hayden (however you spell or say her last name!) They look beautiful in these dresses, or anything they wear for that matter!

  2. I doesn't agree with you more. Hayden is my over all fave of the night with a close second being Jessica Alba!...and Lucy... ick, not my style. I did like Lea Michelles dress...but I couldn't help thinking...WAY TOO TAN!

  3. Stopping by to say Hi! Your newest follower! Love your blog and can't wait to read more!!


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