Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{How I Shop/Dress Myself...}

Does that title even make sense? I often get asked where I get my style from, how I shop for clothes or how I put outfits together. So I thought I'd try to put a post together to enlighten you all. We'll see how well that goes...
I jotted down some notes the other day to help me get started. I broke it down into the three parts; where I draw style inspiration, how I shop for clothes and how I put outfits together. Here's what I came up with.

My favorite celebrities. I often turn to celebrity looks for fashion encouragement. It pushes me to step outside of my box and make style decisions that I wouldn't usually make on my own. Sometimes I straight up mimic them and other times I just use them for key pieces. We all know how much I love Jessica Simpson. I am proud to say that I follow her on Twitter and in the tabloids, partly just because I have a creepy obsession, but mostly to follow her style. She's always had great taste and been a trend setter. Other celebs that I follow for fashion are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Lauren Conrad, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kate Middleton and Rachel Zoe.

Magazines. I spend waaaay too much money on magazines. Ask my husband. He hates it. They are a main inspiration source for me though. They always have the hottest trends and hottest places to shop. My favorite sections are the 'celebrity looks for less', because that's what I'm always trying to accomplish(while maintaining my own personal style too, of course!).

Fashion Blogs. I swoon over the extreme fashion bloggers. You know, the ones who wear things that make you say, "who wears that out, anywhere...EVER?" They are the ones who truly draw me in. They make me want to push the limit. They give me the courage to wear whatever I feel like, with no regrets. Tulip Louise is one of my all time faves.

-First off, I love shopping. It relaxes me. It's never a chore for me, it's something I truly enjoy doing. I think you have to actually enjoy it for it to be an easy process. I do however, have to be in the mood for it. Sometimes I'm just not feeling it and can't focus on the task. AND I almost never try to look for something specific, because I never end up finding it and then I'm just left frustrated.

-I look for trends, only the ones that I've deemed honorable. Some trends are just terrible and I refuse to succumb to them just because everyone else is. :)

-I also look for fun patterns, favorite colors and different styles. As far as styles go, I mean that I look for different types of items. For example, I look for pieces that are ultra fem, rock n' roll, or super casual. I never shop just one trend or style. I mix it up.

-Even though I like to mix it up, there are some pieces that have just become standards for me and I continue to shop for those. Like silk blouses(must have), statement dresses(I'm such a sucker), and riding boots. I will probably forever have those in my closet.

-Here's a couple more things that are sort of key for me:
*I tend to buy pieces, never full outfits. I don't think I have ever picked out an entire outfit in one trip. That's just not how I roll. I like to pair things together later. Maybe mix something new with something I already own.
*Also, I tend to seek out items that I don't necessarily consider, "me." That probably makes zero sense, but it works. That's where I push the envelope and wear things that most people wouldn't. I think to myself, oh that's so not me...but it so could be!

I'll start buy saying I LOVE Forever21! Love it, obsessed with it, can't get enough of it. I say this because I have so many friends who say they hate it. It's too much for them, they feel overwhelmed when they go in there and it basically gives the anxiety. Me on the other hand, I can walk through the door and have 5 items in the first room. I love all of the options and that they're always up to date with the trends. Of course they're super affordable too. They're clothes can be cheap, but not if you take care of them. Ok my reason for saying all of that is that it's going to help me, help you. I'm going to show you what I bought on my last trip to F21 and go through how I put those together when I'm getting ready. First here are a few things that come to mind when I'm about to choose an outfit(which I almost never do ahead of time, it's always right after I shower for an event).

-Where are we going? event?
-Do I have one piece/accessory that I just have to wear?
-Heels/no heels?
-Statement piece?
-Will I feel self-concious? Yes this is a question I ask. It can be a good thing. Some of the outfits I have been most self-concious about are the ones that have become my favorites and have gotten the most compliments.

9 times out of 10 I start with one piece and build an outfit from there. Ok so here's what I've purchased from F21 recently and how I plan to mix and match them to get the most wears out of them. It's the most awful feeling when you purchase something and only wear it once. I try to buy things that I can restyle. I do this with all of my clothes, swap them out and mix them up.
I hope this gives you some sort of idea of how I tackle fashion. It's really all about personality and making the best of what you have. Wear what makes you feel, GOOD & confident & beautiful! Last, but not least, you can never be overdressed!
Melissa Loren

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