Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I can't stress this enough...

Ok, I have to brag on Target a little bit. More like I need to brag on Sonia Kashuk and E.l.f. products. I don't know why it's taken me so long to try these products but I am HOOKED. For the price and the quality you just can't beat some of the products they're putting out. I am thoroughly impressed. So here's what I've tried and really enjoy...
This beauty blender is FABulous. I've been using it to apply my concealer. It blends so well and keeps your hands from touching your face. It also helps keep my concealer in the designated area that I want it in. That way I'm not looking all pale and vampy all over. It's really is worth the $10.49.
This shader brush is the best for all my eyeshadow tricks. The $9.99 is what sold me at first. You guys know I love Sephora, but even they can't beat $9.99.
Ok this is Sonia or Elf, but I did get it at Target. I've told you guys before that I don't wear a lot of foundation, ever, really. However, with the winter months setting in and my skin looking like it hasn't seen the sun for quite some time, I decided to pick one up. I lucked out and got a great one on the first attempt. This one was $10.99. I got True beige n5, it seems to be the perfect color for my skin. Did you guys know, that when you're looking for your foundation shade, you should match it to your neck, not your face? Yep, it works.

Hellloooo Elf products! Holy cheap and holy great! This little mist and set spray is three bucks! Threeeee bucks! And so far it's proven to be great.

Ok meet the complexion perfecter, aka the love of my life. For a couple of years now I've had the MAC 190 foundation brush. I've loved it. I've had no qualms with my little friend, it's been reliable and trustworthy. Then I met CP. This little brush(CP) makes my face so undeniably happy. You guys this is the most amazing foundation brush ever. It makes my foundation go on so smoothly. It evens everything out perfectly. AND at the opposite end, it has it's own little beauty blender attached, which is actually detachable which makes for easy access. You can use that little guy for your concealer as well or as a buffer. It's all very incredible really. For $18.99 it's still very affordable. I HIGHLY recommend it.
I can't stress enough how important it is to use a foundation brush. Your results will improve tenfold plus it's just awful to constantly use your hands to apply your makeup.

Other things that I've picked up from Target are as follows...
Elf pressed powder(to set your foundation) for $1.00! 
Elf shadow brushes for $1.00 a piece!
Elf eyelash curler for $3.00!
There are a lot of other products that I want to try from both lines, as I try them I will definitely share how I feel about them. There are also other things that I want to explain to you guys, like more about the foundation brush, the pressed powder and highlighting/contouring. I will try to share all of my tips and advice when I do the makeup video tutorial. Finding the time is the problem! I hope to have it up soon though.
Questions? Comments? Just let me know!
Melissa Loren


  1. I LOVE E.L.F. products. A friend of mine introduced the website a few years ago. It was SO cheap I had to try it. They are great! I didn't know they were sold at Target. Now I love them even more. haha! :)

  2. Who makes the foundation brush - CP?

  3. Sonia Kashuk make the foundation brush aka, complexion perfector!


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