Monday, January 28, 2013

{WEEKEND FUN: When you're an old married couple}

Friday nights. Bar hopping, wine flights and coming home at 3 am. Screeeeech. Stop the music. Those were the Friday nights before ridiculously long work hours, endless responsibilities and a slight shift in opinion of what's really important. This past weekend, Kory and I enjoyed a marvelous Friday night. Even in bed by 9:30, it was the perfect night. We relived our high school days and enjoyed a basketball game between rivals teams in the city we now live in. It was also court warming. Bonus. Yes this was our Friday night. Burgers at a new, local dive and a high school basketball game. Kory and I both played basketball and have always been very passionate about it, plus our neighbor's son plays and we wanted to meet some people from our community. It was fun to see all of the high school kids and their parents cheering them on. I have to say, it made me feel a little old. It was funny to see what the kids were wearing and how they did their hair and makeup(let me tell you, when we have kids I will be all over my children and how they're dressing!). Also, I don't ever remember wearing that much makeup or having that nice of clothes in high school. Am I alone? Boy have the times changed.
The changes didn't scare me off too much, though...our little outing did not help my baby fever. I fully understand that I will not pop out a full grown teenager with a love and passion for basketball, like me, but I can't help but feel the urge to cheer on my baby as they play in front of a crowd. What an exciting feeling that must be. Or just to be a parent period. Sigh. I'm ridiculous, I know.
Oh and we celebrated a little Akita's 2nd birthday!
I hope you guys had a great weekend too! Enjoy some pictures...
Yours truly,
Melissa Loren

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