Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's for HIM.

3M Projector-I'll take one too!
Oakley Rasta Snow Goggles-You guys know I love Jamaica!
Macallan Whiskey-No man ever refused a nice bottle of booze.
Whiskey Stones-To go with the whiskey, no doubt.
Nike Fuel Band-For the athlete.
Nike Free Run 3-I have these(women's and pink of course) and they are the most comfortable shoes ever!

How's that list? I'm not a man, but I like it. Hopefully the lucky guy in your life will like something on here too! If you have any suggestions, leave them here, I'd love to know what you're getting for you special someone!
Melissa Loren

PS-Did you vote for our cute little Akita, Tego, yet?! She's up for MOST FETCHING FACE 2013! She needs your COMMENTS to win! Click the photo below and leave a COMMENT to vote for her!

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