Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Accessory Crushing

I had every intention of making this pretty, but then I fell asleep. Therefor, you guys get the quick version. Here are some of my favorite accessories from Nordies. I got a good chuckle from Kate Spade's ipad case. I love the BFF bracelets from Marc Jacobs. I'm all about the arm candy lately, so why not add another bracelet or two. Let's throw in a watch while we're at it. I'll take the rose gold and tortoise please! What holiday is coming up that I can use as an excuse to get this fringe bag as a gift?? Easter....anyone? Honey, are you reading?
I keep seeing these clear heels everywhere. I'm digging them. I'd love to style these booties!
That's all today!

Hey, are you the winner of the giveaway?!

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