Friday, March 22, 2013


Ok, if you haven't already heard, my friend has this really great online jewelry boutique. I am totally digging all of the pieces she has. My favorite piece so far is this yellow statement necklace. It's so great for Spring and Summer. I bought one for myself and I have loved finding new ways to style it, so much so that I want to give one away to you guys! This would be the perfect birthday gift or Mother's day gift! Below I shared some ways that I've styled it so far! I'd love to hear how you would style it.

I tried to make entering as easy as possible, by returning to Rafflecopter. I do ask that you actually do each step that you submit, I will go back and check to make sure that the winner did. Also, to tweet about it, click the "tweet about this giveaway," button and then hit that little tweet button with the birdy on it,.  , the tweet automatically notifies me! :)
Good luck guys!


  1. Looooovee! Gimme more Cheeseburger necklaces! :)

  2. I'm in love with all things HELLO CHEESEBURGER

    1. Oh and I love getting to spend time with my son playing in the back yard! Spring time! :-)

  3. My favorite thing about Spring is the look of bright colors on every retail store's shelves! Sunny weather is soon to stay!

  4. I would style this necklace with a black summer dress and pop color flats! I might also wear it with skinny jeans, boots, and a sheer hi-lo top!

  5. I LOVE spring rain, when grass starts to grow and people start mowing their yards... :-)

  6. My favorite thing about spring is seeing all the beautiful flowers start to bloom!

  7. I LOVE the heirloom peony plants that grow along the side of our house. Plus, I'm really looking forward to starting our homestead garden! yippee spring!


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