Monday, March 25, 2013

Beauty SLUMP.

Do you guys ever get in a beauty rut? A sort of slump? A moment, a week or a month where you just don't feel good about yourself? I don't want to be too dramatic or whiny in this post, but am I alone? You know those times when you could swear you've gained 5...or 20 pounds, but in reality you haven't gained an ounce. But, you just KNOW, your pants aren't fitting like they were before! Your hair just won't do a damn thing or you have absolutely nothing to wear. For me lately, it's my skin. Ugh. The worst.

I don't know what the deal is. I've always taken great pride in my skin, I was one of the "lucky" ones. I'll thank my mother and her beautiful skin for that one. If only I could channel my mother's skin, NOW!

It seems like no matter what I do as a beauty regimen, my face is in a constant state of chaos. Dark circles, dark spots and breakouts. It actually appears that the more I try to fix the problem, it only gets worse. I don't know if it's stress, my work environment(all the grease) or what, but it's really starting to drive me crazy! What's baffling about my face is how it's managed to breakout like crazy, BUT it's insanely dry. Desert dry. So then I pack on the moisturizer(I broke down and bought Hope in a Jar), nothing helps. I'm sure the weather is a factor, but it's not the only one. I just can't figure out what to do!!

I'm painfully pasty on top of that. I've pledged not to tan though and I've been able to keep from tanning for almost FOUR years. I'll just have to wait on Mr. Sunshine for that fix. Maybe a spray tan? What do you guys think of those?

Does anyone else have these slumps?? Or am I just way too superficial and whiny? I get it if I am, but all I want is a healthy face. Is that too much to ask for? What do you guys do for a beauty regimen? Are you good at washing your face every night and rejuvenating your skin?

That's what I need, some rejuvenation. I need a vacation to a tropical place where I can get a healthy dose of vitamin D and some R&R. Are ya with me? We'll reinvent our looks.

Ha, now I'm dreaming and I'm babbling as I do it. In other beauty news, my good friend Melissa gave me a new hair product to try. Ahem, it is a heaven send. At least my hair can be healthy and beautiful. You guys this stuff is incredible. It leaves your hair so shiny and so silky smooth. It works miracles in about 5 minutes. It's a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner that combines macadamia oil and argan oil to replenish your hair's health. You massage it into your hair and leave it on for 5 minutes and then you rinse. Your left with rejuvenated, healthy hair. I love it. You guys have to try it. It's called Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless Perfecter. It's a little on the pricey side($33), but it's worth it. They have a gift set on their site that's pretty amazing for $29.95, definitely recommend the set!

Ok I've rambled enough. Have a great day guys!


  1. I am in the same boat! I think stress is definitely contributing to the state of my skin. Right now I'm trying to just let it recover so I'm only washing it once a day with castille soap and using a tea tree oil toner. I need a good moisturizer but haven't found one I love yet.

    I have found that making a mask with ground aspirin, honey, and warm water does help some. I crush about 5-6 plain, non-coated aspirin, drop about a teaspoon of honey and a little bit of warm water on it and mix. Then I smear the mixture all over my face and let dry. When you take it off with a wash cloth it exfoliates your face, so be gentle. Then follow up with a moisturizer or a little coconut oil if you're doing it before bed.

  2. Just wrote a long comment about how I feel your pain with hair and make up right now but I wasn't logged into Google so it didn't post. Blah.

    Key takeaway: Try Sun Labs Instant Tint! I swear by it - such amazing color without the terribleness of a tanning bed. I blogged about it when I used to blog...


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