Monday, March 18, 2013

Don't forget about us!!

So, if you're not in the blogging world then you probably don't really know about Google Reader, or the fact that it's ending in June, or July, something like that. The point is that it's no longer going to be a source for reading our blog. Ignoring the fact that things have been a little sparse around here, there are other ways to be sure to keep up with us! And you'll want to, because as I said on Thursday, there are things to look forward to! I included a picture to show you how people(maybe you) followed us through Google Reader before and NEW ways, or other ways rather, they're not really new(they've always been there), to follow Love Like Johnny and June!
If you ever clicked that blue, "Join this site," button and joined LLJ&J through Google Friend Connect, you'll need to choose a new way to follow along. Here's the ways to follow...

Bloglovin:(the little plus sign under "follow." This is great if you have your own blog or if you have other blogs you'd like to follow!
Facebook: Have you really not liked us yet?? Hit the "f" under connect and become our friend!
Twitter: This one is great for giveaways, it usually allows for extra entries!

You can also follow along by email, by subscribing your email to our site. You will get an email with every new post. This is one of my favorite ways to follow my favorite blogs! Simply type your email in where it says follow by email and you're set!
There ya have it, the top 4 ways to keep up with LLJ&J. Thanks for stopping by today, check back for another post!

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