Monday, March 25, 2013

I had to...

I turned to social media last week to ask one very, very earth-shattering question: "What do you guys think of wedge sneakers?" I know, it's absolutely important that we cover this topic. To my surprise(sort of), the response was mostly positive. A good chunk of the guys who responded, were all for the trend and most of the women were a fan, but are still too scared to take it to the streets. So I thought I'd do a little post and maybe that will encourage some of you to try it! I haven't brought myself to buy a pair yet, but I totally will if I find the pair. They have to be just right. Here's a little clip of Fashion Police that I saw on Sunday(it gave me a little chuckle).
I think for me it's all about the neutrals and solids. I like the all black pair that Jessica Simpson is sporting and the more neutral pairs. The pairs that get crazy with all the color and patterns throw me off a little bit.

Below is one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Cara Loren, making wedge sneakers look effortlessly chic. I love her style, it reminds me so much of myself. I always wish I had the time to commit to more outfit posts like she does. It's just doesn't fit my schedule right now though, maybe one day...I'd love to make that a focus here on the blog, but I'd need either a photographer or some sort of timer/camera stand and like 4 extra days in a week! Ha.

What're your thoughts? Would you try it? Do you hate it? Are you like me, if it's done right then it's absolutely adorable? Please tell me what you think! And if you have any pics of you wearing a pair, do share!
Here's some to buy...
Can I just say that these are really hard to find at affordable prices!!
N.Y.L.A $69.95
Vince Camuto $126.60
Express $61.60
Aldo $80.00

3 more options, all from Aldo:

ALDO sneaker

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Melissa Loren

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