Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Must-Have: Cap-Toe Shoes{Under $100!}

This might be my #1 spring must-have! They've been around for a while, but they're really starting to pop up everywhere. I love how playful they are. The color-blocking and the mixed prints are so fun for a pop of color or texture. Then there's the sleek metallics that will add sparkle to any outfit. I threw in a pair of flats for the mommas, the ladies on the go or the women who just don't give a hoot about heels and I have to say that those Lucky Brand flats are adorbs. That bold color and the touch of animal print-so fun! They also come in neon yellow with a cork toe(I wanted to add those, but you can find them through the link!) The real show stopper here is that Zara heel(#2)-I die. Those studs. And they have a much lower heel than most, so they've gotta be super comfortable, right?! What do you think of the Cap-Toe shoe trend? Which pair is your favorite?
I provided all of the links to my picks. I tried to find pairs that were either on sale or that I'd truly {afford} to buy. Some of them would be splurges or put on wish lists, but you get the idea.
{1. Target Mossimo Fuschia: $23.08}
{2. Zara Court Shoe: $99.90}
{3. Aldo Essi: $100}
{4.Zappos Anne Klein: $64.99}
{5.Lucky Evia Flats: $69.00}
{6. Shoemint Adrienne: $39.99}  


  1. YES!! Love these. Especially the metallic cap-toes. So cute!!

  2. I almost bought the #1's from Target for NYE...but in Green! I'm LOVING Fuschia!

  3. YES! I love these! I need to get a pair! I love the hot pink ones with the silver cap toe!


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