Monday, April 8, 2013

{Spring Wedding Dresses: For the Attendees}

Well it's better late than never, I suppose. I apologize for getting this post to you so late. It's been a crazy week/weekend and it's only going to get more intense. 
It's opening day of baseball here in KC. It's the first time in a LONG time that I've missed opening day. I was sad, but I sported my Royals shirt, watched the game on tv and we won! I'll consider that a success. 
Anyway, onto my post...
We have several weddings to attend this Spring, so I've been scouring the internet for dresses to wear. I've fallen in love with so many. The thing is, we're on a budget(boo, but aren't we all?), so I have been looking for fabulous dresses that won't completely break the bank. I feel like I've been fairly successful, so I wanted to share a few of them with you. I've got all the trends from pastels,  to mint, chevron and even floral. Now I know some of these prices are still a little too steep for some, but I figured as long as you get good use out of them, it could be worth it. With Mother's day and Father's day coming up you could sport one again at your family brunch. Or if you're like us and have multiple weddings, you'll definitely wear it again!
As you can tell, I'm obviously loving pastels for spring. And apparently I'm a fan of the baby doll style? You know, the loose-fitting, flow-y style. There's something quirky and feminine about them that I love! I like #5 for the mint and the peplum. It's hard to find cute peplum dresses. #3 was my splurge dress at a slightly higher price tag. It's a stunner though. That perfect peachy pastel color, the playful ruffles and the little bit of sex appeal with the sheer top. It's one of my faves for sure. The pic I shared shows the back. The front has a sweetheart neckline and goes into the sheer above.
Pretty fun right? If you're attending weddings this spring, what will you be wearing? I'd love to know where you're shopping! Have you ever swapped dresses for weddings or other events? That's a real penny saver and great way to continue to wear things you've never worn before. I love swapping dresses for events! Anybody want to swap?? haha :)

#1 is an ASOS dress at $49.88.
#2 is a Ruche dress at $39.99
#3 is a Ruche dress and was my splurge at $78.99
#4 is a Lulu's dress at $48.00
#5 is a Lulu's dress at $50.00

Melissa Loren

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