Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{Week by Week: A Pregnancy Update}

I thought I'd give you guys a little update on where I'm at in my pregnancy. I'm just a little over 13 weeks, the little bebe is the size of a peach! At week 11 we had our first appointment with the OB(rather than a nurse) and we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Holy emotions. Or holy hormones?! I cried of course, I'm pretty sure Kor shed a couple of tears as well. I think hearing the heartbeat for the first time makes it all real. You realize that there is another life developing in your belly. It's a very cool reality.
I've had plenty of morning sickness. Mostly nausea and dizziness. It hasn't been fun, but I think I probably had it easy compared to some. NO cravings, nothing ever sounds good. I'm always hungry, but nothing is ever calling my name. Kory will name 15 places to eat and I'll be like just take me where you want to go because none of them sound good. It's kind of disappointing really, because you guys know how much I love food! 
Yes, I've already been prepping the nursery. We have the room painted and we ordered a crib the other day. I've been doing lots of reading and research, prepping myself for what's to come. And of course we're so anxious to find out what we're having! We have a little more time before that happens, though.
Kory has been great. He's been rubbing my back every night. He's been so sweet and encouraging. We just couldn't be happier.
I think that covers everything up to this point. If you have any questions feel free to ask! :) 
Here's a little picture update. No belly shots yet.

Melissa Loren


  1. I'm just so happy for you guys! Ginger lozenges are great for upset tummies as well as keeping some fresh herbs or lemon slices around. Just take a sniff whenever youre feeling puny and it should help. The cravings will come, my dear. You just wait. Mcdonalds sweet and sour sauce anyone??

    1. Thank you Natalie! We're so pumped. Great tips! Uh oh, I'm in trouble, I already LOVE McDonald's sweet and sour sauce! :)


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