Tuesday, April 23, 2013

{Weekend Fun}

We made a rare appearance at an event this weekend. My work schedule only allows for me to make appearances every great once in a while. Sometimes it makes these events even more special though. This weekend it was for a wedding. Our good friends Larry and Megan tied the knot. It was an absolutely jaw-dropping wedding. I tried to take pictures, but my iphone photos just didn't do it justice. She wore a beautiful strapless dress with a veil. My favorite detail of her dress was the bottom. Just gorgeous.
 I stole this pic from her(sorry Megan, hope you don't mind!), but I had to share her day after tank. I thought it was just funniest thing ever. haha sucker!
We had a few pre-wedding cocktails.
I had to take a pic with my brother's girl friend. I just lover her.
It's so cool to be Mr. & Mrs.
This wouldn't be a post from yours truly without a couple of selfies. :)
Notice that I'm rocking my Hello Cheeseburger necklace!
My brother and his girlfriend with myself and Kor.
My handsome husband.
Dress: ASOS Necklace: Hello Cheeseburger Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Annnd a few pic of my little bitty boop.
Melissa Loren

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  1. You looked stunning...as usual! Loved your dress with that necklace and shoes! :) Very pretty!


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