Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Ode to My Lovaa.

It is my main squeeze's birthday today. I'd just like to take a little time today to pay tribute to the man that I love. You guys just have no idea how amazing this man is. I always knew he was, but this pregnancy has really shown what kind of man my husband is. He's been there every step of the way. From encouraging me to work out to rubbing stretch mark cream on my belly. He does it all ladies, he does it all. Back rubs, foot rubs, dishes, baby talk-all of it. He's a genuine and sincere man and I am so very blessed to have that. I wish this once in a lifetime love upon everyone. Here are a few of my favorite things about my husband. This is fun to do with your loved ones. 

1. How talkative he is. The man could talk to a pair of socks if he needed to. 
2. All of his affection. He always shows me that he loves me. Little kisses, hugs and rubs here and there. 
3. How supportive and encouraging he is. 
4. How methodical he is. Seriously it makes things easier. 
5. How much of a lover he is. With everyone, not just me. 
6. I don't dig hunting but I appreciate that he has such a strong passion for it. 
7. How much he loves food. WE love food, it's fun to try new things together. 
8. He pays attention to every detail. He always remembers exactly what I say and he holds onto it for the perfect moment. 
9. He's just a regular badass. Just sayin'.
10. The fact that he is going to be an incredible father. I see it in his eyes and how he takes care of me. 

I can't wait! I love you Kory. Each day brings something new and each time, I look forward to it. I'm excited beyond belief for our family to grow to 3! 

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