Friday, May 31, 2013

{Baby Schartz: Week 17}

How far along?: 17 weeks
Total weight gain?: 3.5lbs
Size of baby?: Baby is the size of an onion.
Maternity clothes?: No and hopefully I won't be with some of the recent retail purchases I've made. So far I've been able to buy things that I'll wear after baby!
Stretch marks?: No. I've been caking on the cream!
Sleep: Blah, sleep is totally frustrating at this point. 
Best moment this week: Getting registered for Baby Schartz and celebrating Kory's birthday!
Miss Anything?: I could REALLY go for a deli sandwich! Turkey please!
Movement?: I'm 99% sure I felt movement this week! COOLEST. THING. EVER. 
Food cravings: Nope! What's my deal?!
Anything making you queasy or queasy? Sometimes the heat will, it's just so hot in the kitchen where I work. Sohot. 
Gender: We go this coming Wednesday, the 5th! Ok for real this time, any guesses? This is your last chance to guess boy or girl before we announce next week!!
Labor signs: No.
Symptoms: Back pain, hip pain, trouble sleeping, hiccups, little gurgly baby movements in my belly, you name it, I got it!
Belly button in or out?: In :)
Wedding rings on or off?: On :)
Happy or moody most of the time?: If you eliminate work(sorry work is just a HUGE stressor for me), then I am the happiest, most excited/anxious/thrilled/love struck woman in the world! 
Looking forward to: WEDNESDAY! Is it going to be BLUE or PINK for us?!

My belly is definitely growing. I'm starting to actually look pregnant and not just like I ate a few too many tacos. I have my boppy total body pillow that I'm wrestling with every night. My belly is itchy, that means it's growing right? I feel it in my belly when I move the wrong way-ouch. Tego still has no idea. I don't know if I should expect her to, but she's so much like a human I can't help but think that it'll hit her at some point. I keep telling her that there's a baby in momma's belly. She just cocks her head at me lol. It's hot already, so I know it's going to be one hot ass summer for this momma. Lots of water bottles cold rags for moi! To wrap it up, baby will probably come out singing ROCK ME MAMA LIKE A WAGON WHEEL...because I just can't get enough of that song!!
Melissa Loren

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