Wednesday, May 1, 2013

{Love Like Johnny and June for HELLO CHEESEBURGER}

I am oh so lucky enough to be able to collaborate with the beautiful Jennifer, of Hello Cheeseburger, to bring you, MY favorites from her new Spring Collection! When she first approached me for this project, I didn't even hesitate! I was like well of course I'll do it, I get to try on your pretty accessories, have my picture taken AND get to choose MY favorites for MY readers?! Who wouldn't want a part of that!
 If you like my picks you can shop them directly through the link below! The store will go LIVE AT 12 NOON today!!
As you can see, I pretty much liked everything. HEE. :) Ok I have to ramble a little bit about my picks. You know the drill.
From the moment I saw that turquoise necklace(top left), I knew I had to have it. The thing about it is, it's not really turquoise, it's more of a bright, spring blue. It's perfect for this time of year and it pairs so well with other colors. For 18 bucks you just can't pass it up. The "jelly bean" necklace(pictured right below the turquoise necklace), I was iffy on this one at first, but then I saw it in person and she is just a beaut! I love the length of it and the mix of the colors. She would look great with a silk aqua tank this summer. So gold is sort of my thang. I love gold jewelry. Which is funny because I really used to hate it, but this gold spike necklace is my #1 pick. The texture that it adds to an outfit is what gets me. The fact that it's bold and will literally go with any outfit is probably a huge factor as well. I like the Lace Frame necklace(multi-colored one on the right) because it's unlike anything I own and the details are lovely. I'm ALWAYS a fan of a long swing necklace, these are a must-have item. I like to keep a couple around for good measure ;). Isn't Missouri cute? I love her. Born and raised here, I had to have her as a pick. She's great for layering too! The gold chain necklace(lower level worn with hot pink top) was also one of my top picks. Bold chain necklaces are so in right now and they're so versatile. It's just chic and classy, just the way I like it. Last, but not least-the fringe necklace! Isn't she lovely? The mint, the yellow, the fringe, I love everything about it. Don't you just love the fringe and the sort of tribal-esque vibe it has going on? Lots of awesomeness, right? Let's talk sunnies and arm parties real quick. How long have I been going on and on about arm parties?! Layering bracelets is a surefire way to dress up any outfit. I've gotta get my hands on that arrow bracelet! I recently told you that round sunnies were all the rage and Hello Cheeseburger is proving me right! These sunnies are perfect for a day at the pool or a day of shopping. They add a little charm and character! I'm pretty pumped about all of this. I'm ready to make some purchases!!

Again, if you want to shop my picks directly, follow this link:
Thanks to Jennifer, ALL Love Like Johnny and June readers get a discount! Use the code MP10OFF to take advantage of this deal!! You'll be able to use the code until May 10th.
Melissa Loren

Prices for my picks:
Fringe Necklace, $22
Gold Spike Necklace, $26
Gold Chain Necklace, $10
Zelda Sunglasses in Pink Pearl and Blueberry, $8
Ruby Sunglasses in Tortoise, $8
Lace Frame Necklace, $18
Blue Faceted Necklace, $18
Swinging Necklace, $8
Jellybean Necklace, $8
Missouri Necklace, $18

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